REVIEW: Supergirl – Season 3 Episode 1 Girl Of Steel – Episode Recap & Review

Supergirl & Co have returned for a 3rd glorious season and we’re picking up a few months after where we left off – Kara is mourning Mon-El, Alex and Maggie are planning their wedding, and Cat Grant is white house press secretary.

While there was an actual threat to the city, most of this episode was spent dealing with Kara’s depression, and as much as I understand that (trust me, I do) I’d rather my superhero show be about a superhero being super heroic.

Once we got to the main event, the unveiling of the “Girl of Steel” statue, things got interesting. Supergirl had to save the city from an underwater attack, which reminded us that her other weakness is drowning. That’s right, villains! If you can’t get your hands on Kryptonite, just drown her.

Luckily, afterlife Mon-El woke Kara from her near death and she caught the bad guys… but not before Odette Annabelle gained super-mom powers.

And in the end, Alex explained to Maggie why she didn’t want a big wedding – because her father can’t walk her down the isle… it seemed pretty obvious to me why Alex was being all lack-luster about wedding plans, so why didn’t her FIANCE figure it out? – and eventually asked her surrogate father J’onn. (But seriously, this storyline was obvious)

Regardless, the tension between Lana and Kara is getting stronger and if the writers don’t make them hook up, we riot. Jk, they’re besties and Lana even said it out loud.

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— Yael Tygiel