REVIEW: The Flash – Season 4 Episode 1 The Flash Reborn – Episode Recap & Review

The Flash (the series) is back! [SPOILERS AHEAD]

Iris is in charge of Team Kid Flash (they’re not calling it that) which consists of Wally, Cisco, and Joe. They’re taking down metas and fighting crime while the world wonders where The Flash (the character) has disappeared to. When a new villain appears on the scene, he begs to battle The Flash, and since it’s been 6 month since he went into the speed force, Cisco decides to honor the villains request.

At this point I was shouting at my TV that Wally should put on the suit and claim to be The Flash since no one knows who is under the mask – luckily the team eventually tries this. How they fail is beyond me because you can’t argue with something you don’t know for sure.

Cisco finds Caitlin bartending at some divey establishment and recruits her to help him with his “get Barry out of the speed force” device. She seems to not be Frosty and joins him. Iris thinks its a bad idea, but the team ignores her and does it anyway.

Miraculously, Barry is released from the speed force. Naked. And the team brings the babbling Barry back to Star Labs. He’s “beautiful mind”ing and not making sense, but because Iris puts herself in danger, Barry is jolted into reality and saves her.

A lot of shit in this episode didn’t make sense, and the whole “This House is Bitchin'” thing was a big part of it. I’m sure everything will make sense as the season progresses, especially the new villain-which-is-actually-a-robot-created-by-the-real-villain thing.

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— Yael Tygiel