Peaky Blinders Actor Launches British Superhero Series THE FEW on 2nd February on YouTube

The world’s first online British superhero series created by Peaky Blinders actor, BBC award winner Sam Benjamin, and visionary director newcomer Sam Bradford, has arrived.

The show features action crafted by Sonny Louis (Game of Thrones, Batman Begins). The cast includes Peaky Blinder’s own Sam Benjamin, Coronation Street star Kim Vithana, and The Royals actress Jacqui-Lee Pryce.

LONDON–Jan. 27, 2017— Production house Praxima announced today that its original sci-fi superhero series, The Few, is set to premiere on YouTube and Facebook on February 2nd 9pm GMT. A thrilling sci-fi drama, the new series is created by BBC Films Channel 4 Award Winning Writer and actor Sam Benjamin(Peaky Blinders, Stan Lee’s Lucky Man, Fresh Meat), and emerging director Sam Bradford (Will.I.Am’s Lexus Commercial). It is presented by the visionary new production company Praxima who recently produced for superstar girl band Little Mix.

The Few is one of the most anticipated online series of the year, having been featured in SciFiNow Magazine. Its trailer premiered at MCM Comic Con London in October 2016 to rapturous superhero fans, alongside the likes of Wonder Woman & Lego Batman. A unique digital mini-series consisting of 6 episodes, The Few is an original drama that takes place in contemporary London, where super-powered beings exist.

“No-one has ever made a series like this. Batman, Superman, Iron Man, and the Avengers are all great costumed sci-fi heroes, but they are all American. This is the long awaited British answer to DC & Marvel. Drawing on the tropes and traditions of American comic books and fusing it with a British sensibility we’ve created a super-powered universe for the UK,” said Sam Benjamin, creator and star, best known for his guest role in hit BBC Netflix show Peaky Blinders alongside Cillian Murphy. “We cannot wait to share this thrilling sci-fi drama with online audiences.”

“The series taps into modern-day struggles in Britain: disillusionment with politicians, rising living costs, and powerlessness’’ said co-creator Sam Bradford. “It really does raise the questions to viewers – what would you do if you were endowed with powers beyond your imagination and would you put your life on the line for what you believe in?’’

Ground breaking in its content and format, The Few also takes great steps in on-screen diversity. Not only are the characters evenly balanced male & female, but for the first time in history the Prime Minister is depicted as a black woman (played by Jacqui-Lee Pryce from Elizabeth Hurley starrer The Royals)

The Few is the sophomore collaboration of Sam Bradford and Sam Benjamin, who received critical acclaim for their crime caper movie Double Cross. Dubbed a ‘Mr & Mrs Smith’ with a British twist, it was officially selected by the British Urban Film Festival, BFI Soul Festival and Melanin Box Festival and received an IARA Award nomination. Viewers will be familiar with Merseyside born co-creator and star, Sam Benjamin, who played ambitious sea captain ‘Young Jack’ alongside Bernard Cribbins in CBBC’s BAFTA award winning Old Jack’s Boat Christmas special, and was John Bishop’s cheeky older brother in Sky1’s Little Crackers.

About The Few

The Few follows British army vet Christian Davis (Vincent Jerome), and directionless History graduate Anna Garland (Rachael Holoway), who, after enlisting in a pharmaceutical trial, acquire super powers. Believing that the UK is a failing and divided society, Christian & Anna enact a plot to wipe the slate clean and start again, committing acts of terrorism to do so. Damaged former cop, Steve Douglas (Sam Benjamin) is one of the first to discover their plan, and decides to go on a mission to stop them. He must, however, find Jamie Scott (Kyla Frye) or he faces certain death. Viewers will watch in awe as an ordinary man goes head to head with a super-powered duo, having only faith and intuition to guide him. Will he find and convince Jamie Scott to help his cause? Does she even have the powers to do so? The future of the United Kingdom, and the world, hangs in the balance.

The first episode go live online on YouTube at 9pm February 2nd 9pm. Facebook users can also watch via the official facebook page

The Few will run for 6 weeks, with a new 5 minute episode released every Thursday at 9pm. The finale episode will go live on March 9th.