REVIEW: Agents of SHIELD – Season 4 Episode 11 "Wake Up" – Episode Recap & Review

After a half season flop with the necessarily expensive Ghost Rider storyline, SHIELD is finally getting back into the swing of things with the LMD plot.

I was not a fan of Daisy being separated from the team, and I really didn’t like Coulson not being in charge. Now that we’ve had out midseason return, we’re dealing with the consequences. Daisy and “Director” Mace face a hearing with Senator Nadeer. Meanwhile Coulson and YoYo sneak into Nadeer’s office to get a little intel. I enjoy that we’re back to the someone-else-is-the-face-of-SHIELD- but-Coulson-is-in-charge scenario, like it was with Talbot last season. I think it works best for the team: we trust Coulson, he knows what he’s doing, and he doesn’t have to play politics.

On the other front, Fake-May realizes she’s fake and confronts Radcliffe who informs her that she’s programed not to reveal herself. Real May is stuck in her own mind trying to break out again and again and again. Aida 2.0 is still around. Fitz and Gemma realize that Radcliffe is in fact also an LMD and in the final moments we discover that real Radcliffe has teamed up with Nadeer.

I’m loving where this season is going and can’t wait for more people to be revealed as LMD – it’s like Westworld, EVERYONE IS A ROBOT!