REVIEW: Conviction Season 1- Full Season Analysis!

I’m a big fan of procedurals (SVU anyone?), but ABC’s Conviction has such fascinating characters – from the ex-con, to the drug addicted retired cop, to our guilt ridden paralegal – I’d rather know about their lives than the crime-of-the-week. I think the second most difficult issue to overcome with this series is the fact that nearly every case they investigate, the convicted turns out to be innocent. I believe that only 2 felons turned out to be guilty. If I’m correct, that’s 2 out of 13 episodes.

Additionally, the story of Frankie’s (played by Manny Montana) incarcerated lover Rey was never really explored. Is he innocent? Could the CIU get him out? Unfortunately, the season only got 13 episodes and we may never know if Frankie and Rey are really in love or are just prison husbands.

Our leading character, former President’s daughter and reformed party girl Hayes Morrison, played by the incredible Hayley Attwell is one of the most intriguing characters on TV. The season opened with her reluctantly taking the job, in order to avoid arrest for her cocaine possession, only to have her enjoy her job and fall back in love with her former flame, the sexy DA played by Eddie Cahill. Their romance was a sexy dance of hate, distrust, and attraction – this is the story this series should have focused on, not the weekly criminal investigations.

Plus, Hayes hilarious and wonderful brother Jackson – played by Mean Girl and Looking alum Daniel Fonzese! This character was so underutilized I often forgot what he did for a living and why he was in Hayes’ house (it was actually his house that she was freeloading in). Really what an amazing cast! the Morrison parents: Bess Armstrong and Martin Donovan, and the weekly guest stars!

Regardless, I hope this drama get rewritten as more drama, less procedural, and returns with new episodes in the Fall…. but that doesn’t look likely.