REVIEW: Bull – Season 1 Episode 12 "Stockholm Syndrome" – Episode Recap & Review

I’ve been watching Bull all season and this was by far the best episode yet! Bull’s team brings in a whole slew of people to participate in a mock jury, including an antsy women named Laurel who proceeds to pour a bunch of pills into her thermos which she then throws into a trash bin. A bit later as the team is monitoring the participants vitals they notice her nervousness, sweating, and her rapid heartbeat. Bull sees her cover her ears in anticipation and realizes that she has set off an explosive device; Laurel pulls a 3D-printed gun and takes everyone hostage.

It is then revealed that her husband was wrongfully convicted and she wants Bull to prove his innocence. The rest of the episode is her mock trial and not only gave us insight into Bull’s relationship with former FBI agent Danny, but also shows the “magic” behind the science of what his team does! As the woman’s defense, Bull argues in a way that convinces the jury of her husband’s innocence, but in the end reveals the truth, that he is in fact guilty.

Honestly, this is the episode I think fans have been waiting for, it was different than all the others and genuinely interesting – you spend the episode wondering what the truth is, unlike most episodes where you know Bull is defending the innocent. That said, I’m sure we’ll return to the regular formula next week … which isn’t the season finale for some reason?