SPECIALS: Doctor Who – BBC Denies Doctor Who Attendance at London ComicCon – A Whovian & Fangirl’s Plea to BBC America

SPECIALS: Doctor Who – BBC Denies Doctor Who Attendance at London ComicCon  – A Whovian & Fangirl’s Plea to BBC America

By Yael

Yesterday I received some heartbreaking news… well, heartbreaking for me. As a fangirl. And as a Whovian. 
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The weekend before hearing that I was getting laid off from work, I purchased tickets to fly from Los Angeles across the pond to attend London ComicCon as Press in hopes of interviewing the cast and creators of my favorite obsession, Doctor Who. 

My departure date is just over a week away now, and I’m nearly finished ironing out the details (hostels, buses, luggage, etc). While I still do not have an solid nor steady income, my rapidly approaching travels are planned to be as Who-filled as possible: I am able to squeeze in one day in Cardiff, Wales where I intend to see the Millenium Centre (aka the opening of The Rift, and former location of Torchwood) and finally attend the “Doctor Who Experience”. If time and funds permit, I also hope to see Amy & Rory’s home and The Parish of St. Pauls (aka the church from Father’s Day).

I am a fangirl – I love my fandoms with an intense passion that only other fangirls (and boys) can understand. I “squee” and “feels” at the mere mention of Bad Wolf, the Last Centurion, or the Doctor Donna – And that’s what yael.tv is: my outlet for my nerdgasms; a place for me to share and fangirl with people from around the world who also have fangirl inclinations. 

With my Press Pass to London ComicCon, I am given the incredibly opportunity to interview actors from TV shows and movies that I admire (such as Steven Moffatt, Matt Smith, Jenna Coleman, and – fingers crossed – Peter Capaldi). I’m not always perceived as legitimate press, but that’s another story… 

Unfortunately, yesterday I was told that due to a potential November event in London (to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Doctor Who), the BCC claims that Doctor Who will NOT be attending London ComicCon. 

Although one of my attainable dreams has been destroyed, I stay optomistic and know that my travels will lead to other exciting and wonderful fangirl (squee worthy) opportunities.

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