REVIEW: Scandal "It’s Handled" – Season 3 Premiere Episode Recap & Review

Review: Scandal “It’s Handled” – Season 3 Premiere Episode Recap & Review

By Yael

Scandal, ABC’s soapy drama from Grey’s Anatomy creator Shonda Rhimes returned with the season 3 premiere that fans had been eagerly waiting for. If you haven’t yet seen “It’s Handled” then read no further and consider this your official SPOILERT! 

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Season 3 of Scandal thankfully picks up where season 2 left off: Olivia Pope’s name has been leaked as the President’s mistress, and puzzle pieces were finally put together when Liv is whisked away by her father who turns out to be the super special ops leader that trained Huck and Charlie. 

Liv’s father takes her to a private jet and tells Olivia that the only solution to being revealed as Fitz’s mistress is to disappear for 8 months until things blow over. It seems like she’s going to take his offer until Cyrus points out a (surprisingly likely) problem – Fitz will assume that Cyrus had her killed. Liv returns to her office where her team of Gladiators offer their services, but stubborn Olivia rejects their help. Obviously, the stubborn Gladiators start working on the case regardless. Meanwhile, the white house team attempts to deal with the problem and find the leak which seems to have come from a Secret Service agent.

Desperate, Liv uses a secret code to meet with Fitz and first lady Mellie to discuss how they’re going to handle the situation. Always level headed, Olivia devises a plan – based on Fitz’s suggestion of telling the truth (they of course mean not the whole truth) and get “through” the situation – to admit to the affair and move past it. Mellie struggles to accept this idea, but eventually compromises. Of course, right before the press conference Cyrus, Mellie and the Gladiators team up to throw someone else under the bus. 

In the final moments Olivia struggle with her conscience before taking on the case of Fitz’s newly exposed “mistress”. And Cyrus is forced into a meeting with Olivia’s dad regarding a super secret mission involving the President and Jake Ballard (remember him?) from their Navy days. 

I must admit, I was incredibly relieved that the episode dealt with the entire “Olivia’s name out there” thing, because I would’ve been incredibly frustrated had they made this issue span another episode. I mean really, do we need three entire episodes to discuss the fact that Olivia is the mistress? Viewers have known this for three seasons now. So, Thanks Shonda! 

And by the end of the episode I couldn’t remember is Cyrus is a good guy or a bad guy – he created a kill folder, he’s meeting with Olivia’s dad – seriously, does anyone know if we’re supposed to trust him or not? What do YOU think? Leave your thoughts in the comments and don’t miss new episodes of Scandal, Thursdays at 10PM, only on ABC. 

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