REVIEW: Witches of East End on Lifetime – Starring Jenna Dewan-Tatum – Series Premiere Recap & Review

REVIEW: Witches of East End on Lifetime – Starring Jenna Dewan-Tatum –  Series Premiere Recap & Review

By Yael

At first glance, Lifetime’s new original series, Witches of East End, might be mistaken for ABC’s (relatively) recently canceled Eastwick starring Rebecca Romijn. With a hint of Charmed, a whole other set of rules, Witches of East End starring Rachel Boston, Jenna Dewan-Tatum (aka Mrs. Channing Tatum), and Virginia Madison is a fresh take on an old premise. If you haven’t seen the premiere of Witches of East End yet then read no further and consider this your official SPOILERT! 

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Jenna Dewan-Tatum & Rachel Boston star as sisters, Freya and Ingrid, who don’t know that they’re actually immortal witches, being reborn again and again. Freya and Ingrid live with their witch mother, Joanna, but in the pilot episode, meet their aunt Wendy who is making her way through her 9 lives. 

Freya is engaged to the sexy (and incredibly wealthy) Dash (played by Eric Winter), but develops feelings for his even more enticing brother Killian (played by Daniel DiTomasso). Freya and Killian passionately meet in her dreams, but they attempt to stay platonic. 

Meanwhile, an impostor takes on the shape of Joanna, and frees a man imprisoned in a painting. The impostor returns to take one of Wendy’s life, but not before Wendy warns her that a shapeshifter plans to kill the family permanently. 

In the final moments, Joanna is forced to reveal to Ingrid that they’re all witches and that Freya’s in danger, before the police arrive to arrest Joanna for a murder committed by the impostor. 

Don’t miss new episodes of Witches of East End, Sundays at 10PM only on Lifetime. 

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