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The longest running live-action Marvel TV series, Agents of SHIELD, has officially come to an end. The groundbreaking series which vaguely intertwined with the Marvel Cinematic Universe introduced us to a new kind of super hero back in 2013. In a recent interview, Ming-Na Wen discussed the challenges of being part of the MCU early on. After disconnecting midway through season one, the series became a hit and soared into seven adventurous seasons.

When asked how they’d like the show to be remembered, Clark Gregg – who played Agent Coulson in the Marvel movies and reprised/resurrected his role for the series – reminded us that SHIELD is “the show that fans built.” Chloe Bennet, who played the character with the ever-changing name (originally Skye, then Daisy, followed by Tremers, Quake, and Destroyer of Worlds) felt that for the fans and the people who watch, who love Marvel and love sci-fi, [this show] will always be nostalgic. “It’s been the heartbeat of the Marvel Universe.” Gregg made sure to add that “it’s the show that launched Chloe Bennet.”

Henry Simmons, who joined the cast in season 2, boiled it down to family. “The lengths you will go to to save, protect, care for your family.” Speaking of Simmons, the ‘ship at the center of the series, Fitz-Simmons, also spoke to importance of the show. Elizabeth Henstridge remembered the pressure put upon the series from the beginning, the expectations of a Marvel series, which ultimate became an underdog. Newer cast member, Jeff Ward mentioned that “The show always carved out a niche for itself.” Ward went on to talk about the power of the writers, their ability to effortlessly blend humor with being aware of itself and seamlessly doing incredible action with a budget and time constraints. He reflected on the shows ability to flip from tugging on your heartstrings to being genuinely thrilling, and heartbreaking, and funny.

While all true, Natalia Cordova-Buckley (who joined the team in season 3) explained what, to her, is the real meaning of the show, “[SHIELD is]  a beautiful representation of a group of people – yes, with superpowers and with talents – but whose true super power is is a love for humanity, a love for this world, a willingness to die for it, and we need more of that kind of values and heroism, and love for mother Earth and for each other… Humanity as a race, we’re interconnected and we’re living it with COVID. If I hurt you hurt.” She goes on to add, “Our true superpower is the love that we have for each other.” 

With the show completed, and their stories told, it’s up to the fans to continue passing along the message of SHIELD, defending your family and caring for humanity.

— Yael Tygiel

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