XLEVELENT’s The Upside Down Afterparty at San Diego Comic-Con 2019

The Upside Down Afterparty hosted by FLUXX Nightclub was more than just a nightclub. It was a trip into the world of Stranger Things. The entire club was decorated with nods to the show including actors dressed as lifeguards watching all the children dance safely because we all know that can be dangerous. You can get a drink at a Starcourt themed bar or pose in your own 80s mall style photoshoot. We all remember those vibrantly colored backdrops. If those options dont satisfy your strange 80s cravings, make your way upstairs for a free play in a mini arcade.
XLEVELENT’s San Diego Comic Con after parties continue tonight with “Awesome Mixer Vol 2” powered by crunchyroll!

— Chris Ambrosini

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