REVIEW: Once Upon a Deadpool

FOX rereleased Deadpool 2 as “Once Upon a Deadpool” inserting a kidnapped Fred Savage to forcefully reprise his role in The Princess Bride.

My original review for Deadpool 2 can be found here, but for Once Upon A Deadpool I was pleasantly surprised. There was noticeably less violence (and blood and gore), and the team leaned into their language censor and had some fun with it. I enjoyed the Prince Bride-iness of it all, and loved that Savage was able to address things (like explaining Fridging).

Plus this new release is for a good cause: $1 of every ticket sold will go to the organization “Fudge Cancer”.

So gather the family (because now you can), and hit the theaters for Once Upon A Deadpool, which is rated PG-13

— Yael Tygiel