REVIEW: Disney's Mary Poppins Returns – 4 Things to Know

Emily Blunt stars with Lin-Manuel Miranda in Disney’s Mary Poppins Returns. This fun film is sure to entertain children, and even has many references back to the original film. But before you hit the theaters, here are 4 Things to Know about Mary Poppins Returns:

1. It’s all new! Don’t expect to hear your favorite songs from the original because they won’t be there.

2. Emily Blunt is great as Mary Poppins! No she doesn’t look and sound exactly like the original Julie Andrews version, but she’s still fantastic and embodies the best parts of Mary.

3. Screw the Chimneys, we’re all about Gas Lights now! Lin-Manuel Miranda plays a lamplighter named Jack. Be prepared for his cockney accent, and that he’s not the greatest singer. But don’t dwell on this too much, because in all other aspects Miranda is perfection.

4. The movie is over two hours long, so brace yourself for a couple hours of singing and dancing.

Disney’s Mary Poppins Returns hits theaters December 19 2018

About Mary Poppins Returns

In Disney’s “Mary Poppins Returns,” an all new original musical and sequel, Mary Poppins is back to help the next generation of the Banks family find the joy and wonder missing in their lives following a personal loss. Emily Blunt stars as the practically-perfect nanny with unique magical skills who can turn any ordinary task into an unforgettable, fantastic adventure and Lin-Manuel Miranda plays her friend Jack, an optimistic street lamplighter who helps bring light—and life—to the streets of London.

— Yael Tygiel