REVIEW: FXhibitions at San Diego Comic Con 2018

FX returned to San Diego with their FXhibitions promoting Legion, American Horror Story, Archer, Always Sunny, and Sons of Anarchy spin-off series Mayans MC.

The Legion experience seemed interesting and many fans were eager to enter, unfortunately the cube was just a lights and sounds show with images from the first two seasons of the hit series starring Dan Stevens. On the bright side, the room was air conditioned and a pleasant break from the SoCal heat.

The AHS museum was a lot more interactive with an Augmented Reality component. Upon entry fans are greeted by a creepy doctor (dressed in theme like the House and Asylum seasons of the series), followed by a one-by-one guided tour of haunted objects. Using a tablet and headphones, along with museum docents who assist and adjust your viewing to provide the complete experience.

Other FX fun include all sorts of photo opps with The Simpsons and Family Guy, along with Archer, Always Sunny, and Mayans MC.

— Arlie Schrantz