REVIEW: Dragonball Z at San Diego Comic Con 2018

My heart fluttered when I heard there was an offsite for Dragonball at San Diego Comic Con 2018 this year. I can remember staying up until 11pm just to possibly catch the latest episode of the super dubbed Dragonball Z. It was always a crapshoot, but the show still holds a special place in my heart that has been empty since my childhood.

The offsite was just what I needed to partially fill that void. Even though the event was mainly just another avenue to sell overpriced figurines, it did give me the chance to play the new card game which is really just a knockoff of Magic the Gathering. But, I got an exclusive Goku card. I also got to play the console game for a free shirt! The game made no sense but the shirt is awesome!

Dragonball has never failed me.

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— Chris Ambrosini