REVIEW: The Voice – Season 13 Episode 16 "Playoffs – Part 2"

It’s the second part of the Playoffs on The Voice, and it’s Team Adam night. Here’s how the night went down:


Adam Cunningham

– Adam’s performance was nice, as is his sound. I’m not sure I expected him to continue on the show, but it almost feels like Coach Adam is keeping him around just to rub it in Blake’s face.

Whitney Fenimore

– This performance definitely felt like a blind performance rather than someone who made it this far into the show. No surprise she was cut… again.

Emily Luther

– Emily’s rendition of this song gave it new meaning, and it was haunting. I love this arrangement and think she could’ve moved forward. Emily has a future, and I’m bummed that it’s not with Team Adam on The Voice.

Anthony Alexander

– I felt it was odd for Adam to say Anthony has pop star potential and then give him a number that’s slow and emotional rather than bubbly and upbeat.

Jon Mero

– Adele’s songs are difficult for anyone, but giving it to a male voice was truly a risk. Luckily Jon pulled it off beautifully.

Addison Agen

– Addison’s voice is incredible and it felt like a no brainer for Adam. This girl is going to make it far.

** Team Adam: Addison Agen, Jon Mero, Adam Cunningham

— Yael Tygiel