REVIEW: The Voice – Season 13 Episode 15 "The Playoffs – Part 1"

The Playoffs have begun on The Voice, and in part one Team Jennifer and Team Blake made their decisions for their Top 12. Here’s how the night went down:


Davon Fleming

– Davon sang beautifully, but he’s so not memorable that I didn’t remember he was even on the show still.

Hannah Mrozak

– While I really enjoyed Hannah’s version of this song, I completely understand why she wasn’t selected. Hannah’s strength isn’t where it needs to be at this point in that competition, and I wasn’t surprised that she didn’t make it to the next level.

Lucas Holliday

– I guess the novelty of Lucas has worn off because he doesn’t have the range to make it any further in the competition. I think his career may not be over for the mainstream (I mean remember the “She Bang” guy from Idol?), but I definitely didnt’ see him moving on after this performance.

Shi’Ann Jones

– Shi’Ann is one of Jennifer’s strongest potential (both in vocal power as well as her natural talent). It’s no surprise that Jennifer kept her, and she will definitely be going far this season.

Chris Weaver

– What a disspointment!! I can’t believe we lost Chris Weaver! I really thought he would make it further, especially when compared to Davon. This was a heart wrenching decision because I think the song selection could’ve been to blame. Chris is so freaking talented and this song didn’t do his talent justice.

Noah Mac

– While I admire Noah’s rendition of the song, and his ability to make his own arrangement, I’m not sure I would’ve picked him over some of the others. But I guess Jennifer had to consider the marketability factor and this 17 year old absolutely says teen heartthrob.

** Team Jennifer: Davon Fleming, Noah Mac, & Shi’Ann Jones


Red Marlow

– I’m not a country music fan, so I can’t really judge Red, but he sounded like a classic country star, and I guess that’s what Blake’s looking for.

Chloe Kohanski

– Chloe almost disappeared earlier this season, but hearing her rock out this week only confirmed that she’s meant to be here. She really took this song and made it her own. I spent the whole time waiting for the big note, and it was definitely suspenseful, but it was upstaged by how she chose to end the song. Truly haunting and beautiful.

Natalie Stovall

– Natalie thought her fiddle would save her, and although I felt like I was at Natalie’s concert – Miley said it, “She’s fun to watch” – but she’s not The Voice. I did also enjoy that she made this song gay.

Esera Tuaolo

– I can’t believe Blake didn’t keep Esera!! He was one of my favorites, and his sound is so strong and beautiful and unexpected, I thought he’d make it further for sure. But of course we lost him, this song selection was not right for him. It’s not in his range and I think it was almost like Blake set him up to fail.

Mitchell Lee

– We got to see a new side of Mitchell’s voice, and I liked him now more than ever, yet I had to say goodbye.

Keisha Renee

– Keisha has one of those pretty, clean sounds that I think can transcend genres which is why, I think, Blake decided to keep her.

** Team Blake: Keisha Renee, Red Marlow, Chloe Kohanski

— Yael Tygiel