REVIEW: The OA on Netflix – plus the Official Trailer

Definitely the most intriguing new show on Netflix: The OA – the mysteries start and they just don’t stop. It’s one of the rare shows that you don’t need to know anything about, because it’s so hard to explain anyway.

About The OA

Having gone missing seven years ago, the previously blind Johnson returns home, now in her 20s and her sight restored. While many believe she is miracle, others worry that she could be dangerous.

Co-creator and star Brit Marling is Prairie, the miraculous girl who was blind, disappeared, and came back with sight – and that’s only the beginning! She recruits a band of misfits for her mission and starts telling her story. Jason Isaacs co-stars and does it wonderfully – each scene, each nuance, played brilliantly. Hauntingly. Taking place in the present and throughout Prairies story, The OA is an adventure through the mind as well as the universe.

I believe Todd at VOX explains it best, “Have I mentioned that as soon as the word angel is uttered, you’ll say, Oh, I know what The OA stands for, then spend roughly seven hours waiting to be proved right? Have I mentioned that the show’s big dramatic climax involves very exciting tai chi? Have I mentioned that the cast is stacked with people you’ve loved in other things?The important thing is that The OA defies description.”

Check out the trailer for The OA below & then head to Netflix.