REVIEW: Travelers on Netflix – Season 1 Review & Official Trailer

Netflix’s latest venture into original series continues on their Sci-Fi path (following Stranger Things and Black Mirror) with Travelers. The 12-episode first season stars Eric McCormack (Will of Will & Grace fame) alongside a handful of relatively-new-comers: MacKenzie Porter, Nesta Cooper, Jared Abrahamson & Reilly Dolman.

Travelers follows a team of time-travelers sent back to the present, inhabiting bodies, to save the future. The team consists of your usual members – a medic, a leader, a historian (they need someone who knows exactly what happens when…time-travel), an engineer, and a weapons/strategist – but that’s not all they are. Since the travelers had to take over host bodies, one of them is a student, another a single mom, and it just gets more complicated from there.

The best part of the series are the characters themselves, they feel full and flawed. As a viewer you care about what they’re doing and about things that are happening to them. All too often a character is 1-dimensional and boring, but not these characters. I felt especially drawn to Marcy (and David), Trevor, and Philip, who all grab your attention and hold on tight.

Throughout the first season we get few indications of what their future looks like, specifically regarding what food is available. These tiny hints make us want to know more about what’s to come and what we’re fighting for, or against.

Travelers often feels very similar to Continuum, 12 Monkeys, Fringe, and The 4400 – all quality and much beloved sci-fi series. So if you love those, or are just a crazy Canadian Science Fiction lover (I am!) then tune in!

Check out the trailer for Travelers below & catch all of season 1, now on Netflix.