A&E Cancels "Escaping the KKK" Documentary

The controversial docu-series has been making waves since it was first announced and now we’ll never get to see it!

The 8-episode series, originally titled “Generation KKK”, followed four members of prominent Klan families as they attempt to escape the organization. Interest in the show grew as Grey’s Anatomy star Ellen Pompeo called for a boycott of the network, prompting the show’s title to be changed.

A&E released a statement this morning about “Escaping the KKK: A Documentary Series Exposing Hate in America” explaining their cancellation due to payments made by made by “third-party producers”. According to TVLine, the statement read “Our goal with this series has always been to expose and combat racism and hatred in all its forms. However, A&E learned last night from the third-party producers who made the documentary that cash payments — which we currently understand to be nominal — were made in the field to some participants in order to facilitate access.”