REVIEW: This Is Us – Season 1 Episode 2 "The Big Three" – Spoiler-Free Review

NBC’s This Is Us continues to bring the drama and the humor as the second episode “The Big Three” takes us deeper into the lives of our triplets. The stories set forth in the pilot keep moving forward with Kate and Toby’s relationship, the aftermath of Kevin’s career move, and Randall’s houseguest.

Episode 2 really sets the stage for how the series will unfold: we flashback to Rebecca and Jack while watching the triplets deal with the different stages of their lives in the present, and end with another twist (as we did in the premiere).

Something I enjoyed about Crazy, Stupid, Love, is the way humor is thrown into the ultra-dramatic. This same tactic is used in This Is Us. Every moment that nearly brings you to tears is interrupted with the perfect joke, a reminder that sometimes life gets hard but there’s always comedy to be found.

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