REVIEW: Mr. Holmes starring Ian McKellen with Laura Linney

Sir Ian McKellen (X-Men; The Hobbit) stars as Mr. Sherlock Holmes as he enters the final years of his life. His memory is not what it used to be and now he’s stuck waiting for death in his country home with his housekeeper (played by the always wonderful Laura Linney) and her gifted son (talented newcomer Milo Parker).

The main story of the film is a simple one, but all of that is overshadowed by the brilliance that is Ian McKellen. Although he’s often praised for his chameleon like talent, I believe this performance is truely one of his bests. The man who has recently become known for playing Gandalf and Magneto reminds us of his incredable range by portraying both a 90-something year old Sherlock on his death bed, as as well as a 70-something year old Sherlock whose mind is still as sharp as ever.

Check out the trailer below & catch Mr. Holmes when it hits theaters.