REVIEW: Marvel's Ant-Man – Spoiler Free Review & Official Trailer

Are you ready for Marvel’s new superhero summer flick? Check out my “7 Things I Enjoyed About Ant-Man” and then watch the official trailer.

7 Things I Enjoyed About Ant-Man:

1. Paul Rudd is not only adorable (I mean, we loved him in Clueless and Knocked Up, among others) but he TONED up for this role! Although, there’s only a quick peak at his chisled abs in Ant-Man, even the 30 second glimpse was well worth it.

2. Ant-Man takes place in San Francisco! (I know I’m biased towards the city by the bay) Logically, this is perfect – As a major hub of technological advancement, of course San Francisco is where Dr. Pym’s lab is located.

3. When talking about preparing for the role of Scott Lang, Paul Rudd said he tried to channel Chris Pratt in Guardians of the Galaxy. And it shows! By the end of the film, you really just want to see Starlord & Ant-Man chilling over a couple of beers.

4. The comedy is legitimately clever. Plus, it wasn’t all given away in the trailer.

5. Ant-Man exists in the Marvel Cinematic Universe – that’s right! There are definitely Avengers references that are logical and fitting.

6. Michael Peña is a scene-stealing breakout hit! (You’ll see)

7. Michael Douglas is great! I never imagined him in a Marvel movie, but he fits the mentor role (as well as the sarcasm) brilliantly.

Check out the trailer below