REVIEW: Once Upon A TIme – Season 3 Premiere ‘The Heart of the Truest Believer’ – Episode Recap & Review

REVIEW: Once Upon A TIme – Season 3 Premiere ‘The Heart of the Truest Believer’ – Episode Recap & Review 

By Yael

The magic, true love, and drama returns with ABC’s Once Upon A Time in the 3rd season premiere ‘The Heart of the Truest Believer.’ If you haven’t seen the season premiere yet, then read no further and consider this your official SPOILER ALERT. 

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Season 3 picks up right where season 2 left off – Neal lands, wounded, in The Enchanted Forest where Mulan, Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) and Prince Phillip find him. After healing him they take him to his father’s former castle to find a magical tool that he can use to communicate with Emma. 

Emma, her parents (Snow & Charming), her co-parent Regina, and her father-in-law (Gold/Rumple) are still on board Hook’s ship when they are attacked by evil mermaids. Rumple vanishes onto the Island while the rest of them capture a mermaid who creates a storm to sink their ship. Emma soon realizes that the storm is powered by the fighting onboard. She throws herself in to the water, Charming saves her and they all stop fighting. Eventually they reach the shore and realize that they must put their differences aside and use their strengths (as a villain, hero, and pirate) to save Henry. 

On the Island, Rumple meets with a lost boy (and we’re to understand that it’s not for the first time) and is warned that Pan allows him to be in Neverland as long as he’s not planning to take Henry. Rumple lets the lost boy know that he has every intention of taking Henry home, and thus another war with Pan is set in motion. 

Meanwhile, Henry is in Neverland with Tamara and Greg, who are promptly (and thankfully) killed by the lost boys – seriously, why would they blindly follow a mysterious “home office” to destroy magic, while having to also use magic to relocate to another realm? Henry attempts to flee the ‘Lord of the Flies’ when he’s pulled to safety by someone else who just wants to make it home. This stranger has fairy dust, but claims he can’t use it. When Henry shows him that all he needs to do is believe, the boy reveals himself as the ringleader, Peter Pan. 

Still no word on what’s happing in Storybrooke, but the promo for next week shows Belle… so will they quickly get Henry and head home, or do you think she’s coming to Neverland??? Leave your thoughts in the comments and don’t miss new episodes of Once Upon A Time, Sundays at 8PM only on ABC.

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