REVIEW: FX Activation at SDCC 2023

This year FX is promoting 4 different shows at their usual offsite spot. 

Guests can board a plane for Murder at the End of the World which will transport them to an icy landscape where they can watch a trailer for the new show. They’ll also be given interactive swag that has some fun surprises when tapped against a phone. For AHS guests must down a “wellness shot” before being taken to the back room for their “treatment.” In the area for Shogun a beautiful landscape awaits guests as well as a performance by martial artists. In the last area “What We Do In The Shadows” is back with photo ops, sunscreen stations, and a wheel to spin where guests can win a beach ball or a popsicle. 

This activation is one of the few open late at night and is supposed to be even better in the dark!

— Jen Tichman

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