INTERVIEW: Mercedes Morris & Rebecca Kwan talk SKYMED on Paramount+

Yael Tygiel sat down with actresses Mercedes Morris (Lexi) and Rebecca Kwan (Emma Lin) from the new series, Skymed on Paramount+

Skymed is a Canadian medical drama, which is airing in the US on Paramount Plus. Follow the outdoor adventures of this sexy young cast, as well as their intense character dramas, romances, and heartbreaks. Full of tension and high-stakes medical matters, Skymed is the high flying story of these budding nurses and pilots flying air ambulances. Watch the interview with Mercedes and Rebecca below, and watch out the trailer for the new series here.

“Life, death and drama at 20,000 feet. SkyMed is a new Paramount+ drama series with high stakes, lots of character drama, and a look into the world of young medevacs in northern Manitoba.”

— Yael Tygiel

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