SPECIALS: DC’s Legends of Tomorrow – 100 Episodes in 100 Seconds – DC FanDome

Celebrating 100 episodes is DC’s Legends of Tomorrow – the red-headed step-child of the CW’s “Arrowverse”. In honor of the milestone episode, DC FanDome shared with fans a fun video from the first 100 episodes of the series. Watch it below and catch new episodes of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow  Wednesdays on The CW.

Talk about time traveling in style! For DC FanDome 2021, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow gave fans a mind-blowing overview of the series so far, covering 100 “out there” episodes in 100 legendary seconds! From Rip Hunter’s first welcome on the Waverider to a first look at the show’s 100th episode, the Legends — past, present and future — have been saving the timeline by mucking up history…one episode at a time!

— RJ Smith

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