INTERVIEW: Danishka Esterhazy – Slumber Party Massacre – Director & Executive Producer

What do you get when you mix a talented director, who is also a fan, with a production company and a network that are pretty much willing to let her do whatever she wants? You get Slumber Party Massacre! This reimagining of the cult 80s classic by the same name will premiere on the SYFY channel on Saturday, October 16th. Group of girls going to the woods for a slumber party? Check. Deranged killer lurking in the woods? Check. Lots of gruesome gore and carnage? CHECK! This 2021 version of Slumber Party Massacre flips the script a bit, is very fun and pays homage to the original films. 

I spoke with director/executive producer Danishka Esterhazy about rebooting this franchise, balancing making fun of the genre while still staying true to the source material, and more!

There was a lot I was pleasantly surprised by in this new Slumber Party Massacre. Similar to cover songs, you have to be exactly the same or bring something new, otherwise it just seems off. Esterhazy and the film’s writer, Suzanne Keilly, did a fantastic job bringing something fresh to the film. This is no basic remake. Esterhazy said how she was excited when SYFY was pitching the idea to her explaining, “This is my opportunity to kind of make the movie I always wanted from a fan point of view. I can take all the things I love about that series of films and then I could put in all the stuff I wish had been in there, in the original films. And you know, kind of make it, uh, a gift for the next generation of horror fans.”

It is very amusing how the film calls out and makes fun of the previous films and the horror genre overall while still being a fan. The too true moments are funny because they are not wrong. You could say it is somewhat of a satire as well. While there is a lot of tongue in cheek humor, this is still a horror movie that keeps you guessing, and wondering who might die next!

If you are a fan of the original, you would enjoy an exciting slasher horror film, or you are just looking for something cool to watch during the Halloween season, then you should definitely watch the new Slumber Party Massacre.  

Slumber Party Massacre premieres on SYFY, October 16th at 9pm.

— Kari Lane

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