REVIEW: Law & Order: SVU 22×13 “Trick-Rolled at The Moulin” + Organized Crime 1×06 “An Inferior Product” on Law & Order: S-Re-View podcast

#SVU Hosts Yael Tygiel, Taylor Gates, and Felicia Michelle tackle another crossover event with Law & Order: SVU 22×13 “Trick-Rolled at the Moulin” and Law & Order: #OrganizedCrime 1×05 “An Inferior Product” on Law & Order: S-Re-View podcast

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In the digital world, lack of a podcast about Law and Order SVU is considered especially heinous. On the internet, the dedicated people who discuss these unforgettable episodes are members of an elite squad known as the Law & Order: S-Re-View podcast! These are their stories. DUN DUN. Join the conversation LIVE every Sunday at 2p PT/ 5p ET, here on FANVERSATION.

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