INTERVIEW: Batwoman Showrunner Caroline Dries & Meagan Tandy (Sophie) talk Season 1 Episode 7 “Tell Me The Truth”

The following discusses Batwoman 1×07 with aspects that can be considered Spoilers. Proceed with caution.

An an impatient viewer, this season of Batwoman has really been quite pleasing to me. The series premiered revealing that Kate’s twin sister Beth was not only alive, but was actually the villainous Alice who was tormenting Gotham. Quickly through the first five episodes reveal after reveal has taken place: Kate learned that Bruce was Batman, Kate discovered that her step-sister Mary was running an illegal yet helpful medical clinic, and Alice’s confirmation that she knows Kate is Batwoman.

But no reveal has been as impactful as tonight’s episode, “Tell Me The Truth”, where Sophie and Kate reflect on their relationship and how things went so wrong all those years ago. Showrunner Caroline Dries spoke to a group of reporters about her writing style, explaining that her time writing for The Vampire Diaries has taught her about writing twist after twist after twist to keep viewers intrigued. A tactic she continues to use in Batwoman.

Although there have been so any twists leading up the the seventh episode, it might feel odd to viewers that it took so long to dive further into Sophie’s backstory. Dries explains that so much storytelling was required in the pilot that her writing team said, “Let’s take our time and do this right, and get to know Sophie first, before we reveal all of this weighty backstory.”

Dries also touched upon the different atmosphere LGBTQ+ youth live in today, which in many ways may feel more open and accepting, and that they might not be as familiar with the bygone era of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”. Dries knew it was innate to the canon so her writers “just did a spin on it because Sophie and Kate were a little bit too young to be in the ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ climate, but they would have maybe felt the effects of it at [the fictional Point Rock Military Academy]. Then I felt way more comfortable working within our timeline, so we can stay true to historically what happened.”

With everything that happened, it’s difficult for fans to see Sophie and Kate together without wondering if they’re OTP and endgame. “I think it’s a two-way street,” Meagan Tandy said. “I feel like if it were not, she probably wouldn’t be so concerned about not only Kate’s safety, but I feel like there wouldn’t even be an issue at all. Like, ‘I’m married now, bye!’ But instead, it’s kind of like — if you saw in the pilot, [Sophie] felt remorseful for having had this husband when this is, like, the love of her life. So I think she’s trying to figure it out.”

As if seeing Kate and Sophie break-up all over again wasn’t heart-wrenching enough, this episode was full of other betrayals: Jacob’s part in Sophie’s decision, Kate’s discovery of everything Julia already knew (both in the past and now), as well as Kate’s decision to leave Sophie in the dark about her night gig. With so much being info doled out each week, I’m eager to see the shocking revelations that will keep me glued to my screen all season long. 

Batwoman airs Sundays on The CW.

— Yael Tygiel


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