FIRST LOOK: ‘The Adventurous Eaters Club’ by Misha Collins, Supernatural’s Castiel

Although he’s best known for playing Castiel on the long-running hit CW series Supernatural, Misha Collins doesn’t just play an angel on TV. His passion for helping humanity can be see annually when he runs GISH (formerly called GISHWHIS), a Guinness World Record-winning global scavenger hunt, created by Collins which challenges players to change the world. As well as through the non-profit he founded, Random Acts, which aims to conquer the world through acts of kindness. Among their successes, GISH and Random Acts have rescued refugee families, built an orphanage in Haiti, and helped tackle child hunger.

His latest project is this book, The Adventurous Eaters Club, which he co-wrote with his wife Vicki Collins. Together they’re donating 100% of author profits from the sale of the book to charities including Edible Schoolyard Project and Garden School Foundation, which works with Title 1 schools to give underserved kids access to healthy foods by involving them in gardening and cooking. The Edible Schoolyard Project is dedicated to transforming the health of children and the planet by designing hands-on experiences in the garden, kitchen, and cafeteria that connect children to food, nature, and to each other.

While a majority of the book is delicious and original recipes, along with innovative twists on classic treats, the first portion of The Adventurous Eaters Club allows Misha and Vicki to share their journey of creating a home where mealtime doesn’t involve coercion, trickery, or tears. Their honest storytelling provides a sincere look into the Collins household, and their exploration of taste which leads to a their goal of bringing joy, curiosity and connection into family meals.

“When my wife and I first became parents, feeding our kids was a struggle. Every meal was a battle — and we usually lost. It was all about convenience. We were exhausted, overwhelmed parents in survival mode. But when our toddler hid some unauthorized, unusual groceries in our shopping cart and we let him cook us dinner with these ingredients, it opened our eyes to another path — one that reinvented our family’s relationship with food forever. This cookbook is the story of that transformation and how healthy food became a source of joy, adventure, laughter, and connection.” – Misha Collins

Photo by Michéle M. Waite

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— Yael Tygiel

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