Adult Swim on the Green at San Diego Comic-Con 2019

This year Adult Swim held an outdoor carnival complete with a water gun racing game, balloon dart throw, and high striker. You can win various prizes at each game booth including Adult Swim branded sunglasses. Everyone who attempts the high striker gets a free mini snickers bar. The area is also home to the Rickflector, a game that turns you into your very own Rick avatar from Rick and Morty! A random scenario is selected for you to play. For us it was choosing what planets to destroy from the “Get Schwifty” episode. A few food vendors were available onsite as well as a water fill-up station and an adult swim merch booth. 
Adult Swim on the Green is open Saturday from 12-10pm and the Rickflector is also open Sunday from 930-1pm 
— Jen Tichman

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