REVIEW: Men In Black International

The latest chapter in the Men in Black saga, Men in Black International, starring Tessa Thompson and Chris Hemsworth hits theaters this weekend. Although we’re used to the MIB duo of Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones, this film feels right at home with our newest agents.

Tessa Thompson stars as Molly, a woman who witnessed an alien incident and the MIB agents involved when she was a little girl. Twenty years later, after devoting her life to searching for the mysterious agency, Molly finally gets herself recruited and becomes Agent M. Her first assignment as a probationary agent is to “search for the truth” in the London office of MIB. This action-packed and hilarious journey allows viewers who have loved the franchise from the beginning to get a better sense of the larger MIB universe.

While Men in Black Interational was a little longer than it needed to be, coming in at an hour and fifty-four minutes, generally due to pacing issues in the first act, it was actually a fun and enjoyable ride throughout. Returning to the MIB roots as a family film, International has limited violence and cursing. Although Smith and Jones’ presence was missed, Tessa Thompson and Chris Hemsworth made themselves at home in the iconic black suits. They were also joined by Emma Thompson, reprising her MIB 3 role as Agent O, and new to the franchise Liam Neeson as High T, the head of the London office.

The Men in Black franchise may have been originally clever in the beginning, but the sequels have always been fun additions to the same jokes so don’t expect too much. The twists in the plot may be a bit expected, but the banter, action, and sci-fi tech is still an entertaining watch and an enjoyable ride for the whole family.

Men in Black International hits theaters June 14th.

— Yael Tygiel

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