REVIEW: Kim Possible – 3 Things to Know!

The highly anticipated live-action Kim Possible movie premiered on Disney channel tonight and it was everything OG KP fans could want and more. Below are 3 things to know:

1. This movie is for all fans, both new and old! While this Kim is not Christy Carlson Romano (in fact she’s Sadie Stanley), she’s still Kim! The writing team gave fans the most accurate depiction of Kim, Ron, and our beloved villains, without missing any of the classic animated bits such as Kim’s transportation system, the pun-tastic school sign, Drakken’s pitfalls, and Shego’s brilliance.

2. There are quite a few big names for a made for tv movie! Kim’s mom is none other than beloved tv redhead Alyson Hannigan, Dr. Drakken is played by the often villainous Todd Stashwick, and Professor Dementor is a cameo role played by Patton Oswalt.

3. Speaking of cameos… Don’t think Kim Possible would leave out fan favorites. CCR makes an appearance on screen as does everyone’s favorite naked mole rat: Rufus (voiced of course by the incredible Nancy Cartwright.

It’s quite difficult to write this list without giving away spoilers, but this live-action version of a beloved animated series is definitely the goal for such attempts. The plot, drama, and action all feels on-par with the original series while subtly introducing backstory for any new viewers.

Kim Possible premiered on Disney Channel, Friday February 15 2019

— Yael Tygiel