REVIEW: Miss Bala – 5 Things to Know

Gina Rodriguez stars in the action film Miss Bala which boasts a cast and crew that is over 50% Latinx. Before hitting the theaters this weekend to see Miss Bala, here are 5 things to know:

1. Gina Rodriguez is a ball-er! Not only does she gracefully embody her character Gloria, but her sincere performance, as Gloria is taken through intense situation after intenser situation, is a masterclass in genuine drama.

2. There’s a whole lotta action! Brace yourself for a lot of gunfights, but don’t worry about too much gore because this film is rated PG-13.

3. Miss Bala is a remake! Originally in Spanish, the first Miss Bala was released in 2011 and was rated R.

4. It’s not too long. The movie comes in at one hour and 44 minutes, so don’t worry about it dragging on.

5. Gina Rodriguez isn’t the only familiar face on screen. You may recognize Ismael Cruz Córdova from Ray Donovan or his recent appearance in Mary Queen of Scots. Anthony Mackie also has a role in this film, so keep an eye out for him too.

Rodriguez is clearly the highlight of the film and makes the entire journey worth watching, yet there are quite a few problems with the basic plot and stereotypical portrayals of everyone in Mexico. As a film that is clearly directed by a woman, the obvious choices made to sidestep the male gaze allows the creepiness of Gloria’s situations to not become overwhelming to the audience. Does the positive outweigh the negative? Only you can decide.

Miss Bala hits theaters February 1st.

— Yael Tygiel