NBC's Superstore Panel – TCA 2019

NBC’s Superstore returns with new episodes on March 7th, and the new episode continues to bring the laughs but also brings the issues. At opening day of the TCA Winter Press tour, NBC brought out EP Justin Spitzer along with cast members, to discuss the journey of Superstore and where it’s heading to next.

Regarding how the show balances serious issues in a comedic setting, Spitzer says the number one objective for his writers is to have a fun episode and make sure that the social issues don’t hinder or overpower the comedy.

When asked about the possibility of an Ugly Betty reboot or reunion, Producer and star America Ferrera says that it’s not currently in the works but she reflects on the experience fondly and appreciates her time as Betty especially now that she’s playing Amy. Ferrera said that after playing Betty, who was constantly cheery and a ray of sunshine no matter how hard the world tried to knock her down, she enjoys being able to take on the role of Amy, a woman who doesn’t worry about making everyone around her comfortable.

Ferrera also touched on her role as a producer saying that her duties allow her to be part of the long-term discussions regarding story arches, characters, and reaching underserved audiences. She also directed a couple episodes, as has co-star Ben Feldman. Additionally, another co-star, Lauren Ash, wrote an episode.

New episodes of Superstore return to NBC on March 7th.

— Yael Tygiel