FIRST LOOK: The Social Ones – Official Trailer

The most relevant mockumentary to the millennial crowd is coming at us. According to Deadline, The Social Ones will premiere this March at the 2019 Cinequest Film and Creativity Festival, starring Richard Kind (Red Oaks, A Serious Man), Stephanie March (Law & Order SVU), Jackie Hoffman (Feud), Debra Jo Rupp (That ’70s Show), and Peter Scolari (Girls). The film parodies “the pitfalls of the emerging takeover of social media in our everyday lives, poking fun at how hilariously seriously people take it and society’s unhealthy fascination with “social media influencers.”

Watch the trailer below:

In this comedy, a print magazine dedicated to following the lives of social media celebrities pulls together some of the biggest stars for its its annual cover shoot: a Meme God at his peak, a Snapchat teeny-bopper addicted to stunts, a food Youtuber who will put an egg on just about anything if it means engagements, an eccentric fashion blogger willing to go to drastic lengths for a perfect no filter shot, and a Facebook vlogger obsessed with dressing animals up in costumes. In the spirit of Christopher Guest, the film takes you inside the lives of these ‘social ones’: What’s the one thing they all have in common? Social media anxiety disorder. All goes awry when Dan Summers – the quintessential Snapchat celebrity with the largest following – disappears after having a social media induced breakdown, forcing all to face the question of why we are all so consumed with social media. Are we humans or are we handles?

From Writer/Director Laura Kosann, starring Richard Kind, Stephanie March, Jackie Hoffman, Debra Jo Rupp & Peter Scolari

Executive Producers: Stephanie March, Danielle Kosann, Laura Kosann

Produced by: Laura Kosann & Raven Jensen

— Yael Tygiel