REVIEW: FYRE Festival Documentary – from Hulu and Netflix

So you’re planning to watch a documentary about the disastrous FYRE Festive, good for you. Aren’t sure which to watch first? Or if they’re even both worth it? No worries, we’ve got you covered. Yael Tygiel watched both Hulu and Netflix’s separate, yet recently released, documentaries and wants to tell you all about them.

I recommend starting with Hulu’s documentary about the highly publicized shit-show that was called Fyre Festival because it not only includes interviews with Billy McFarland himself (the man behind the festival), but it also provides a solid foundation as to who he actually is. Learn about how McFarland got himself to the level of thinking he could launch this festival, and meet the other key players involved.

While both docs feature behind-the-scenes footage and interviews from employees, influencers, and festival organizers, Hulu’s really sets the stage for how things became what they did. Netflix’s doc, while sharing some footage as well as interview subjects, also provides a deeper dive into the staff responsible for the festival along with more tangible results of the failure.

Watching the Netflix doc may feel repetitive after viewing Hulu’s, even with the addition of Andy King (McFarland’s event planner buddy who shares an outrageous story), but wait until the after the festival has fully fallen apart to learn what happened to the people of the islands.

Regardless if you have a chance to watch both, then do so. If you’re only planning to see one, take your pick. As TV Guide put it, “The Netflix documentary will give you all the salacious details about the actual festival, while Hulu will fill in the blanks about Billy McFarland’s crimes while also throwing in some good giggles. Neither documentary, however, will help you understand what the hell Ja Rule’s role in all of this was and how he escaped legal ramifications since he did not sit for an interview for either film.”

Fyre Fraud is now streaming on Hulu

Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened is now streaming on Netflix

— Yael Tygiel