SPECIAL: DPA Honors the Golden Globes with a Gift Suite!

Tucked away at the Luxe Sunset Boulevard Hotel stars gathered for the DPA Pre-Golden Globes Gift Suite. In attendance were celebs like John Savage, and Angel Bismark Curiel from the nominated FX series, Pose, as well as many others. The rooms were packed full of important people checking out exclusive products and preparing to celebrate their big night. Discover some highlights below:

Yummy food was being served by the SunnyBlue, who is known for their handcrafted (and quite delicious) Omusubi. To quench your thirst there were quite a few options, including High Brew Coffees, Topo-Chico sparkling water, and fanciful fruit drinks by Twinkle Brown Sugar. As for desserts, there was Vegaron Macarons – vegan and gluten-free yet tasty beyond description.

As for charity organizations, GirlsPact was in on hand to raise awareness for their awesome cause, delivering “innovating curriculum that connects the dots from self-worth to healthy relationships.

When it came to accessories, DPA had a lot to select from including two purse designers: Sandra Ozolinsh who creates custom handbags, and De Marquet who even designed a line of bags especially for the Globes (including a MeToo design).

There were two sunglasses companies in the building, including Geek Eyewear, as well as designer Jacqueline Michie who was showing off her festive and fun designs for Hats, Adornments, and Crowns. In the jewelry department there were a few high-end teams, but nothing beats accessories with a purpose, like Four of Fire’s Gemstone Healing Bracelets and Magnetix Wellness’ magnetic health-wear.

After an event like this one, stars and celebs left the party feeling pretty prepared for their upcoming awards.

Don’t miss the Golden Globes on Sunday, January 7th on NBC.

— Yael Tygiel