REVIEW: On the Basis of Sex

Biopic On the Basis of Sex stars Felicity Jones as Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg as she attends Harvard Law and fights for equality with her husband Marty.

The film is fun, amusing, and touching all at once. While the story is factual, and the cases more relevant than ever, the movie draws audiences in to a world that feels so distant. As a woman watching in 2018, the fact that a Harvard Law graduate at the top of her class couldn’t find work at a law firm seems unbelievable. Hearing Ginsberg list off laws restricting a woman’s actions – such as her inability to have a credit card in her own name – is cringeworthy, proving a point.

Felicity Jones, no stranger to dramatic roles and period dramas, embodies the petit Ginsberg in more than just size. Quickly I began to forget that the British actress is best known for her role in Star Wars: Rogue One, and I saw the strong and smart Justice I’m vaguely familiar with. Also embodying his character fully is Justin Theroux, a chameleon of an actor.

A meaningful movie that entertains, On the Basis of Sex hits theaters December 25th

–Yael Tygiel