REVIEW: Aquaman – 4 Things to Know

So you’re planning on seeing Aquaman, good for you. Here are 4 things to know before hitting the theaters this weekend:

1. Go in with low expectations. I say this not because it isn’t good, but because if you expect too much from it you’ll be disappointed. Expect to have fun and you should be fine.

2. Aquaman is breathtakingly beautiful. Also, the movie is visually stunning. Not only are the colors vibrant, and the locations gorgeous, but everything about this movie is aesthetically wonderful. From the strategic hues of of Amber Heard’s hair and costume, to every drop of water. If nothing else, it’s truly a masterpiece of CGI.

3. The writers really lean into the silly. Sometimes comic book movies take themselves too seriously and it doesn’t work. Aquaman knows it’s not an Oscar contending drama, so they’ve allowed themselves to be playful and fun. Go along for the ride and don’t take it too seriously either.

4. The movie is loooong. Prepare yourself for a 15-act movie. It’s not just long, but there are parts where you feel like it’s been days and you find yourself wondering when was the last time you ate. It’s recommended that you use the bathroom before sitting down to watch, but also keep yourself fed and hydrated.

While there is plenty wrong with the movie, there’s also plenty to enjoy and it’s a fantastical escape from reality. Sit back and relax with Aquaman, which is in theaters now.

— Yael Tygiel