Japan Crate Unboxing – December 2018 Box

Our very own Katie Cullen prepares for the Holiday season by unboxing and sharing her first impressions of Japan Crate’s December 2018 subscription box filled with delicious Japanese candy and treats.

Japan Crate produces four unique crates, including the premium crate seen below. Other crates are the Doki Doki Crate which comes with 5-7 Kawaii items, the Umai Crate which comes with 7-8 noodle dishes, and the Kira Kira crate which comes with 6-8 beauty products. Plus there’s also a Gacha Gacha crate which comes with 6 hand-selected gachapon capsules.

Watch the unboxing below and then get your very own Japan Crate here!

— Katie Cullen

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