REVIEW: Midnight, Texas – Season 1 – Four Reasons to Binge it NOW

I’m ashamed to admit that I slept on SYFY’s 12 Monkey and didn’t even start watching until two weeks before the series finale. It was a mistake to wait so long to jump in. To be honest, I had been interested in checking out the show from day one, but never got around to it. Recently I’ve been hearing more and more about NBC’s Midnight, Texas and it piqued my interest. So instead of waiting for the series to end, I decided to catch up before the second season premiere on Friday, October 26th (Watch the trailer for season 2 here).

Turns out the first 10 episodes were incredible engaging and easy to watch… which meant that I happened to watch them all in one sitting.

Still not sold? Here are four reasons to check out Season 1 of Midnight, Texas:


1. The Characters are Fascinating!

An ensemble series, not unlike Once Upon A Time – which followed the Charmings, Mayor, Gold, Emma & Hook, etc – Midnight, Texas provides a diverse cast of characters. By diverse we mean a medium named Manfred, played by François Arnaud (The Borgias; unReal season 4), a badass witch named Fiji (Parisa Fitz-Henley), the lovable human Bobo (Dylan Bruce), the kickass assassin Olivia (Arielle Kebbel), the vampire named Lem (Peter Mensah), gayngel Joe Strong (Jason Lewis), the weretiger Rev (Yul Vazquez), and Midnight’s girl-next-door damsel-in-distress Creek (Sarah Ramos).

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2. Badasses for Everyone!

Some of the men in Midnight may be considered powerful creatures, like a vampire, medium, weretiger, and angel. But they’re nothing compared to the indomitable Olivia and mighty Fiji.

Season one barely scratched the surface of Olivia’s horrific backstory that led her to down the hitwoman path and put her in a super secure panic-room-esque apartment with panic room closets full of weapons alongside her vampire boyfriend (now Husband).

Regarding Fiji, season one revealed how strong and clever she really is. With a couple flashbacks that allowed viewers to understand how she ended up the way she was, there’s only room to growth now that a certain itch got scratched.

It’d be safe to say that these two are truly more badass than all the men of Midnight combined.

3. It’s Not a Monster-of-the-Week Type Supernatural Series.

Although MOWs do appear, the main plot in each episode of this drama is intended to further the season-long arch. And unlike most MOW supernatural shows that would drop a tease of something and come back to it at the end of the season, Midnight took care of little things within three episodes.

Based on the book series from the author of True Blood, Midnight, Texas is far more serialized like Lost or OUAT than the procedural style of Grimm or Supernatural.

4. CAT!

There is a talking cat.

Nothing else to add to this point. Just, Reason number 4: Talking Cat.

That said, there wasn’t nearly enough talking cat in season one. And since by the end of the season everyone learned he talks, there should be 100% more in season 2.

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Midnight, Texas returns with a second season on Friday, October 26th on NBC

— Yael Tygiel