REVIEW: Doctor Who – Season Premiere – The Woman Who Fell to Earth

Today’s the day! The Doctor returned to our screens with a simulcast around the globe for all Whovians to enjoy together. Jodie Whittaker stepped up the role, previously played by Peter Capaldi, and introduced us to a new Doctor, three new companions, and a nice new sonic…multitool.

After Moffat stepped down as showrunner and made way for Chis Chibnall to give us new stories, the tone of the series feels quite different. Whittaker’s Doctor is less goofy and “fumbly-bumbly” than previous incarnations like Matt Smith, but the hearts beneath the words are still there. While The Doctor has always spoken quickly, never waiting for the being their talking at to catch up, this Doctor seems to speak slower and more methodically, with less sidetracked thoughts and interruptions.

Where previous doctors who ask three questions, the first two being relevant and the third being “most importantly” something completely unnecessary and silly, this Doctor uses her words carefully to express exactly what she means. Her humor feel more inline with that of the 9th Doctor than the 10th, 11th, or 12th.

All the new stuff that comes along with a new Doctor, including the new look, excites fans to see the new design of the TARDIS, yet so far we’re not sure where (or when) she’s run off to. But these companions seem interesting. Before the premiere, it wasn’t clear that these three knew each other. Their connection was a pleasant surprise that absolutely made more sense than three strangers of varying ages.

Chibnall stated his intent to make this season, and this Doctor, approachable for everyone – Whovians and newbies alike. Creating all new alien races, villains. and adventures is a great undertaking, but after just one episode – with a thought out foe, complete with motivation and layers – I have faith in season 11.

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— Yael Tygiel

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