REVIEW: The Outpost – Series Premiere on The CW

The CW premiered a brand new fantasy series for the summer season from Leverage and The Librarians alum Dean Devlin: The Outpost.

The Outpost is a fantasy series starring Jessica Green as Talon, the last of the “blackbloods” who sets out on a journey after the men who slaughtered her family 13 years prior. Our hero, Talon, is a kickass female out for justice, making her way to “The Outpost” where she intends to avenge her murdered family.

Along the way Talon encounters a soldier – sorry, a Captain – who is flirty and insecure, a mysterious Blonde who (for some reason) fears for her life, but turns out to be with the Captain, and the Captain’s father who serves as Marshall of the Outpost. Additionally we barely meet a mixologist, a mysterious hodded guy, and one of the bad guys responsible for killing Talon’s mother.

Although the pilot fell into some obvious tropes, and stuffed a whole lot of backstory and mythology into a single episode, the vibe and tone of the new fantasy series could be described as a Young Hercules meets Once Upon A Time (when it was still good). Actually, one could even describe it as a tame (like super tame) Game of Thrones that solely follows an Aria like character named Talon.

If you like kickass warrior women, mythological creatures and fantasy dramas, then check out The Outpost, Tuesday on The CW.

— Yael Tygiel