REVIEW: Pitch Perfect 3!

Listen up, Pitches! The third installment of the aca-mazing singing movie series starring Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson is playing everywhere, it’s even aca-better than the previous 2 movies.


When the first movie of the Pitch Perfect trilogy came out all my friends called to tell me that Rebel Wilson was playing a character who reminded them of me. This was my first introduction to the always hilarious and shameless Fat Amy. Three movies later and Amy (formerly Patricia) has reclaimed her glory as the self-confident, witty, and sexually aggressive member of the Bellas.

I absolutely loved the farewell tour of our beloved Bellas because all our questions were answered: Who did she change her name from Patricia to Amy? Does Becca have the skills to become a music producer? Whatever happened to the boys?

In addition to our favorites being back, this surprisingly action-packed movie is full of exciting appearances including the Sexy AF Ruby Rose and the always hilarious John Lithgow.

Say Bye Bye to the Bellas in Pitch Perfect 3, playing everywhere now.