Dirk Gently on BBC America Canceled After Season 2

In super disappointing news, BBC America has canceled Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency just a couple days after the season 2 finale. Fans everywhere are disappointed, but there are rumblings of a potential save from Netflix.

The first season of the wacky (and I mean Wacky) introduced us to the mysterious (and annoying) Dirk, but also Time Travel, Energy Sucking Dudes, and Body Switching. In season 2, we took the team that we now love to a magical land and introduced new – even more lovable – characters, only to end with lots seeds sewn but also tons of questions unanswered.

While super bummed to see the show end prematurely, I believe the brilliant Max Landis will find a way to convey his vision to his audience after cancellation.