REVIEW: The Voice – Season 13 Episode 17 "The Playoffs – Part 3"

It’s the final night of the Playoffs on the Voice and it’s down to the women (and one dude) on Team Miley to round out who is going to the live show. Here’s how the night went down:


Winners are underlined

Brooke Simpson

– I’ve been team Brooke since the premiere and tonight was no different. Brooke’s powerhouse performance was truly fantastic and I knew she wouldn’t be going home because she’ll making it to the end.

Karli Webster

– It felt like Dolly was on the stage tonight, but it must’ve been incredibly intimidating for Karli to sing Dolly to Miley. She did well, but at this point well isn’t gonna cut it.

Adam Pearce

– The one dude on the team has such as unique sound that I don’t doubt we’ll hear more from him, but his performance wasn’t “blow-me-away-fantastic” like Brooke’s. Maybe it was the song choice, but i feel like there’s so much more Adam could’ve given that wasn’t seen in this performance.

Ashland Craft

– I feel like Ashland’s selection was based on her potential, not necessarily on tonight’s performance. I love her sneaky raspy growl, but I wanted to see her push herself more on this song. Lucky for her, she’ll have another shot to prove herself.

Moriah Formica

– I’m heartbroken that she’s not moving forward. Her range is outstanding, and the gritty version that Miley suggested was so perfect for her. The youthfulness of Moriah’s sound has a pure quality to it. Plus, I loved when she didn’t want to hide behind her guitar, because so many of the contestants have hid this season. I’m so disappointed, I really expected her to move on to the live shows.

Janice Freeman

– Like Brooke, I’ve been rooting for Janice all season and she knows how to show off her strength, even in revealing her softer side. It’s incredible to feel the emotion in every note when Janice sings, be it a powerhouse ballad or a softer love song. (It would be so cool to hear Janice duet with Shi’Ann from Team Jennifer).

** Team Miley: Brooke Simpson, Janice Freeman, Ashland Craft