REVIEW: The Voice – Season 13 Episode 11 "The Knockouts – Part 1"

The Knockouts have begun on The Voice and Kelly Clarkson – who has already signed on to judge next season – is on hand to help mentor the contestants. Here is how the night went down:

(winners are underlined)

Team Blake

Adam Cunningham vs. Esera Tuaolo

Steal: Adam Cunningham to Team Adam

Yael’s Notes: I’m 100% team Esera! His voice is so stunning and beautiful that I felt his emotions in every note, he absolutely deserved to win.

Team Jennifer

Lucas Holliday vs. Shi’Ann Jones

Yael’s Notes: Losing Lucas was definitely a surprise – I expected someone (Blake) to steal him. That said, Shi’Ann is another powerhouse in a surprising package – she’s so tiny and young, but her voice is bigger than herself. She was absolutely the better of the two, but I didn’t expect to see Lucas leave this early in the show.

Davon Fleming vs. Eric Lyn

Team Adam

Addison Agen vs. Dennis Drummond

Yael’s Notes: Addison’s voice, like Shi’Ann, is so much bigger than her body. That power is incredibly moving. While Dennis does have an interesting look and presence, this show is about the Voice.

Team Miley

Janice Freeman vs. Karli Webster

Yael’s Notes: Janice’s voice continues to blow me away. Again she takes a song I know and love, and recreates it into another magical moment. She’s phenomenal! She is making it to the end.

Ashland Craft vs. Chloe Kohanski

Steal: Chloe Kohanski to Team Blake

Yael’s Notes: Country is not my space, but I enjoyed both of these performances. I loved the way both these singers took these recognizable songs and told their own stories in beautiful ways. Thankfully, we didn’t lose either of these talented ladies! I can’t wait to see where these two end up.