REVIEW: The Voice – Season 13 Episode 7 "The Battles – Part 1"

The Battles have begun! Here’s how the night went down:

Jennifer Hudson & Kelly Rowland

Lucas Holliday vs. Meagan McNeal
“My Prerogative” by Bobby Brown

Winner: Lucas Holliday

Yael’s Notes: Lucas was one of my favorites from the Blind Auditions, but after tonight’s battle. He’s dropped down my list. Yes, his voice is powerful, but I didn’t enjoy his sound as much this time. Meagan, on the other hand, was all around wonderful. I thought she should’ve won and it kind of felt like the win went to Lucas more because of his confusingly unique-ness rather than his talent.

Chris Weaver vs. Kathrina Feigh
“Dangerous Woman” by Ariana Grande

Winner: Chris Weaver
Steal: Kathrina Feigh to Team Blake

Yael’s Notes: Chris was on my winner list from day one, and it doesn’t hurt that I love this song. Both of these singers were such strong powerhouses and they made this song their own. Honestly, I’m glad Kathrina was stolen because I wasn’t ready to say goodbye to that voice.

Miley Cyrus & Bill Ray Cyrus

Moriah Formica vs. Shilo Gold
“American Woman” by The Guess Who

Winner: Moriah Formica

Yael’s Notes: Growling raspy voices for the win! Loved this performance and I understand the decision in the end, but I feel like Moriah’s gonna need to learn to let go of her security blanket/guitar. Also, regardless of how the season ends, I want these two tour together!

Brooke Simpson vs. Sophia Bollman

“You’re a Big Girl Now” by Bob Dylan

Winner: Brooke Simpson

Yael’s Notes: Brooke is another singer on my list, and I was not surprised at how well she made this song her own, nor was I surprised that she won the battle. Brooke is making it far this season.

Blake Shelton & Rascal Flats

Keisha Renee vs. Noah Mac
“I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry” by Elvis Presley

Winner: Keisha Renee
Steal: Noah Mac to Team Jennifer

Adam Levine & Joe Jonas

Adam Pearce vs. Whitney Fenimore
“Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around” by Stevie Nicks and Tom Petty

Winner: Adam Pearce
Steal: Whitney Fenimore to Team Miley

— Yael Tygiel